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Auditing Solutions Limited was created specifically to supply internal audit to councils and other public bodies, and has experienced rapid growth in just a few years by offering a friendly and efficient audit at reasonable cost.


Our methodology is simple, and based on a principle that gives you best value whether you be a small parish council or a large unitary authority:

  • Completion of our quotation information request to tell us a little about your organisation

  • Initial meeting to determine level of service required

  • Result of meeting develops an audit plan targeted to your specifc needs

  • Audit takes place on site or at our offices as appropriate in line with the audit plan

  • Report & action plan, independent audit certificate issued


Under the most recent change in legislation, all councils and associated bodies with annual income and expenditure below £6.5m now come under the "Limited Assurance" regime, subject to completion of an Annual Return requiring an independent internal audit certificate.


To meet that objective we have developed a detailed work programme in line with the "Governance and Accountability for Local Councils Practitioners' guide". This is agreed with each council in advance of undertaking any work.


Our work programme is designed to cover all financial and management systems over a period of time. We consider it neither practicable nor necessary to examine every facet of a council's activities annually. Consequently for large councils we draw up and agree a five year strategic work plan based on our assessment of the level of potential risk each system may be exposed to. This ensures appropriate coverage of each system at least once during the five year period.


Our service will assure the Council of minimal external audit fees while ensuring financial probity has been observed and the council is not exposed to undue risk.




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Before quoting for your internal audit, we require some basic information, details of which can be downloaded below. Please print this form out and email, fax or post it back to us

To request a quotation for your public body, please download and complete the form on the right of this page which must then be returned by email, fax or post. We will then contact you to make suitable appointments to discuss your requirements in some detail.